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The paint job on 9 out of 10 cars is fading fast! Is yours one of them?

Ceramic car coating removes harmful oxidation and gives your car that WOW FACTOR with pricing starting at only $799! Get a quote for your vehicle with the quick the form below…

Tell us a little about you and your vehicle and and we’ll call you with your quote asap!

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Los Angeles Ceramic Car Coating

You spend 10’s of thousands buying a beautiful car, now protect your investment while adding unmatched shine and protection to its paint job for years to come

Our proprietary process combines state-of-the-art technology, eco-safe materials, and highly skilled technique. Unlike physical exfoliators that scrape off the surface of your paint, GlossBoss ceramic Detox safely & gently sloughs off dirt, iron deposits, brake dust, jet fuel, rail dust, and more. Through chemical exfoliation, our detox process unglues the problematic acids hiding and clogging beneath the paint. Following up with our one-year ceramic sealant that gives your car the protection and glossy finish equivalent to waxing it 24 times.

UV Protection from the sun’s harmful rays

Corrosion Protection from chemicals in the atmosphere

Protection that lasts for over a year, saving you time and money!

Simple Pricing for Extraordinary Results


365 days of protection starting at


$1150 for black cars due to additional time/steps needed


Measure paint thickness
Inspect with Gloss Meter
Detox Paint
Neutralize paint
Apply Ceramic Shield
GlossBooster Kit included



365 days of protection starting at


$1450 for black cars due to additional time/steps needed


Measure paint thickness
Inspect with Gloss Meter
Detox Paint
Neutralize paint
1 step true paint correction
Apply Ceramic Shield
GlossBooster Kit included


starting at


Starting price $2900 up to $10,000


This is for the most demanding and the 1% of people that want the best. If you own an exotic, classic, collectible vehicle or are looking to take your car to Pebble beach then for sure we are the perfect fit for you.


Get exact pricing for your car’s body type and color by requesting a free quote now…

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Detox Kit is equivalent to waxing your car 24x

Yearly savings from not having to pay to wax your car

Value a car increases with glossier finish

Hours saved from driving to the car wash every year

Fantastic Workmanship

Whether you drive a Toyota, a $6 million McLaren or fly Air Force One, our proprietary ceramic coating has been protecting investments throughout the nation

There’s only one way to tell if an auto detail shop is worth the investment. Results.

Trusted by some of the most passionate car lovers in Los Angeles…

“Thanks Javier and team, for training us on paint Correction. We are very happy to deliver Glossier cars to our clients”
Lonnie Decker
I’ve delivered many Ford GT’s, this is the best-looking finish. Thank you Javier for the passion and dedication you have given to us”
Camilo Pardo
“GlossBoss is at a complete different level and Javier the owner is always looking for ways to improve the products and services” 
Michael Gregorian
“I was extremely impressed by the Gloss that the car i sold to my client looked after 8 years. Javier and his company is Top Notch”
Tim Tauber

Los Angeles Auto Ceramic Coating, LA Car Ceramic Coating by GLOSS BOSS

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